Using Microsoft Windows 98

Titre : Using Microsoft Windows 98
Auteur : Ed Bott
Éditeur : Que
ISBN-13 : 0789714884
Libération : 1998

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The new edition of this key Windows 98 book makes it even more useful to the Windows 98 audience. Coverage of new features in Windows 98 Second Edition such as Internet Explorer 5 and the Internet Connection Sharing is included as those will be key items users will see in the operating system. This new edition offers more than just new technical content though. Now that Windows 98 has been available for over a year, this book adds many new insightful tips that weren't known at the time of the original release. These tips provide exclusive and unique information that isn't readily found elsewhere. And each chapter has an added new section of coverage of a key related utility or 3rd party software package to help readers see how to go beyond the basics and get more productive with popular 3rd party products. Coverage of these 3rd party products includes: -- WinZip for file compression and archiving -- McAfee AntiVirus -- Y2K Testing software to check the system BIOS -- QuickView Plus for viewing files of almost any type -- Web search utilities -- And much more! A different utility relating to the topic of the chapter

EnCase Computer Forensics The Official EnCE

Titre : EnCase Computer Forensics The Official EnCE
Auteur : Steve Bunting
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118058985
Libération : 2012-09-14

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The official, Guidance Software-approved book on the newest EnCE exam! The EnCE exam tests that computer forensic analysts and examiners have thoroughly mastered computer investigation methodologies, as well as the use of Guidance Software's EnCase Forensic 7. The only official Guidance-endorsed study guide on the topic, this book prepares you for the exam with extensive coverage of all exam topics, real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, up-to-date legal information, and sample evidence files, flashcards, and more. Guides readers through preparation for the newest EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) exam Prepares candidates for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the exam, as well as for practical use of the certification Covers identifying and searching hardware and files systems, handling evidence on the scene, and acquiring digital evidence using EnCase Forensic 7 Includes hands-on exercises, practice questions, and up-to-date legal information Sample evidence files, Sybex Test Engine, electronic flashcards, and more If you're preparing for the new EnCE exam, this is the study guide you need.

Dissecting the Hack

Titre : Dissecting the Hack
Auteur : Jayson E Street
Éditeur : Syngress
ISBN-13 : 9780128042823
Libération : 2015-07-20

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Dissecting the Hack: The V3rb0t3n Network ventures further into cutting-edge techniques and methods than its predecessor, Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network. It forgoes the basics and delves straight into the action, as our heroes are chased around the world in a global race against the clock. The danger they face will forever reshape their lives and the price they pay for their actions will not only affect themselves, but could possibly shake the foundations of an entire nation. The book is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled "The V3rb0t3n Network," continues the fictional story of Bob and Leon, two hackers caught up in an adventure in which they learn the deadly consequence of digital actions. The second part, "Security Threats Are Real" (STAR), focuses on these real-world lessons and advanced techniques, as used by characters in the story. This gives the reader not only textbook knowledge, but real-world context around how cyber-attacks may manifest. "The V3rb0t3n Network" can be read as a stand-alone story or as an illustration of the issues described in STAR. Scattered throughout "The V3rb0t3n Network" are "Easter eggs"—references, hints, phrases, and more that will lead readers to insights into hacker culture. Drawing on "The V3rb0t3n Network," STAR explains the various aspects of reconnaissance; the scanning phase of an attack; the attacker’s search for network weaknesses and vulnerabilities to exploit; the various angles of attack used by the characters in the story; basic methods of erasing information and obscuring an attacker’s presence on a computer system; and the underlying hacking culture. All new volume of Dissecting the Hack by Jayson Street, with technical edit by Brian Martin Uses actual hacking and security tools in its story – helps to familiarize readers with the many devices and their code Features cool new hacks and social engineering techniques, in real life context for ease of learning

Digital Teleretinal Screening

Titre : Digital Teleretinal Screening
Auteur : Kanagasingam Yogesan
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9783642258107
Libération : 2012-03-28

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Digital retinal imaging performed by primary care providers and nurses, followed by remote image interpretation (teleretinal imaging), is rapidly acquiring a crucial role in many parts of the world as it permits the detection of major diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, in patients who would otherwise be beyond the reach of a trained ophthalmologist. In this book, experts from around the world describe how digital teleretinal screening can be set up and optimally utilized. Technical issues are discussed, and the appropriate use of screening for different diseases and in different age groups is explained. The major part of the book draws upon the clinical experience of leading practitioners in a wide range of teleretinal applications. The result is a comprehensive source of high-quality information for clinicians and other health professionals who are involved in eye care delivery, so that they can assess how teleretinal screening might be applied to their working practice.

Chassis Engineering

Titre : Chassis Engineering
Auteur : Herb Adams
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 1557880557
Libération : 1993

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Chassis Engineering for HP Cars Manual Chassis Design Covers Center Of Gravity And Roll Center Enhancing Road Handling Ability Step-By-Step Guide Tire Technology And Front and Rear Suspensions Brakes; Shocks And Springs

Everybody s Fool

Titre : Everybody s Fool
Auteur : Richard Russo
Éditeur : Atlantic Books
ISBN-13 : 9781952535277
Libération : 2017-01-05

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Richard Russo's new novel takes place in the decaying American town of North Bath over the course of a very busy weekend, ten years after the events of Nobody's Fool. Donald 'Sully' Sullivan is trying to ignore his cardiologist's estimate that he has only a year or two left. Ruth, his long-time lover, is increasingly distracted by her former son-in-law, fresh out of prison and intent on making trouble. Police chief Doug Raymer is tormented by the improbable death of his wife, while local wiseguy Carl Roebuck might finally be running out of luck. Filled with humour, heart and hard-luck characters you can't help but love, Everybody's Fool is a crowning achievement from one of the great storytellers of our time.

The SLIP PPP Connection

Titre : The SLIP PPP Connection
Auteur : Paul Gilster
Éditeur : Wiley
ISBN-13 : 0471117129
Libération : 1995-05-29

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You Need This Book to Access the World Wide Web and to Use Graphical Internet Tools! Using Netscape, Mosaic, WinGopher, and other new graphical programs requires a Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) or a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection to the Internet. But few computer users know how to establish such a connection. Fewer still know of the many benefits of graphical Internet access beyond surfing the World Wide Web. The SLIP/PPP Connection provides all the information you need to overcome the now-legendary obstacles of establishing these special Internet accounts and to achieve smooth, graphical access to the World Wide Web and the rest of the Internet. Written by internationally acclaimed Internet guru Paul Gilster, this is the first complete, step-by-step guide to getting, using, and maintaining a SLIP or PPP connection. You'll be able to select, find, and download the right hardware and software for every Internet application. The book features: Step-by-step instructions on how to make your PC or Mac SLIP- or PPP-ready Critical and hard-to-find techniques that make it easier than ever to install and troubleshoot software that runs under a SLIP/PPP connection Everything you need to know about loading and using Netscape, Mosaic, cello, WinWAIS, HGopher, Newswatcher, and other shareware, freeware, and client programs that run with SLIP/PPP Tips on how to best take advantage of e-mail, FTP, USENET, WAIS, Telnet, and other protocols with SLIP/PPP SPECIAL SAVINGS available to you when you buy this book! See inside for dozens of coupons that entitle you to free or reduced-rate SLIP accounts from the leading Internet service providers.

Philosophy An Introduction to the Art of Wondering

Titre : Philosophy An Introduction to the Art of Wondering
Auteur : James Christian
Éditeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN-13 : 9781111298081
Libération : 2011-01-26

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Choose the latest edition of this classic introduction to philosophy text for a unique synoptic approach that will engage and visually captivate for your students. Christian’s PHILOSOPHY: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF WONDERING, Eleventh Edition, consistently focuses on the big picture and the interdisciplinary origins of philosophical thinking for an unmatched, provocative, timeless overview. Christian’s fascinating presentation style, interwoven with cartoons, quotations, and related findings from the social and physical sciences, ensures central philosophical concepts connect with your students. The book’s eclectic range of topics reinforces the author’s conception of philosophy as the individual’s attempt to unify disparate world views. Interspersed biographies use the power of narrative to provide glimpses into the lives of great thinkers who have molded the Western philosophical tradition and largely influenced how society thinks today. With the help of Christian’s PHILOSOPHY: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF WONDERING, Eleventh Edition, you can nurture the analytical skills and enthusiasm your students need to evaluate critically and contribute to the big picture of Western philosophy for themselves. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Scott and Ascher on trusts

Titre : Scott and Ascher on trusts
Auteur : Austin Wakeman Scott
Éditeur : Aspen Pub
ISBN-13 : 0735576580
Libération : 2008-03-25

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Now beginning its Fifth Edition, Scott and Ascher on Trusts, formerly published as Scott on Trusts, is widely regarded as the leading authority on the law of trusts. Scott and Ascher on Trusts offer practical advice on the creation, administration, and termination of all kinds of trusts, as well as incisive analysis of the underlying principles of trust law. The duties of trustees and the rights of beneficiaries, would-be beneficiaries, and third parties are constantly being changed and redefined. This preeminent resource keeps you abreast of the latest developments in trust law, enabling you to resolve trust problems efficiently and effectively with regular updates integrating the latest court decisions and legislative changes. Scott and Ascher on Trusts allows you to examine the full range of your options at every stage, from client counseling to final distribution.

VBScript by Example

Titre : VBScript by Example
Auteur : Jerry Honeycutt
Éditeur : Que Pub
ISBN-13 : 0789708159
Libération : 1996

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Visual Basic Script is Microsoft's answer to Java. Although Microsoft recently announced that they will be licensing Java for use in Internet Explorer, they have also made it clear the VB Script is their future in World Wide Web programming. This book teaches the reader how to write powerful applets with little or no programming. The CD-ROM contains all of the Web pages and source code from the book plus the VB script application.