They Came Before Columbus

Titre : They Came Before Columbus
Auteur : Ivan Van Sertima
Éditeur : Random House Incorporated
ISBN-13 : UCSC:32106017436624
Libération : 1976

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Examines cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans, offering evidence of the presence of African explorers in the New World centuries before the arrival of Columbus.

General History of the Caribbean

Titre : General History of the Caribbean
Auteur : Franklin W. Knight
Éditeur : UNESCO
ISBN-13 : 9789231031465
Libération : 1997-01-01

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This volume (the first one published) begins with an overview of the slave trade. African slavers and the demography of the Caribbean up to 1750. Scholars go on to study the demographic and social structure of the Caribbean slave societies in the 18 and 19 centuries, their evolution and significance, the social and political control in the slave society and forms of resistance and religious beliefs, as well as Maroon communities in the circum-Caribbean. The phenomenon of pluralism and creolization is analysed. The volume closes with a study of the distintegration of the Caribbean slave systems.

Pre Columbian Trans Oceanic Contact

Titre : Pre Columbian Trans Oceanic Contact
Auteur : Jerald Fritzinger
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9781329972162
Libération : 2016-03-14

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Pre-Columbian Trans-Oceanic Contact examines the discovery and settlement of The New World hundreds and even thousands of years before Christopher Columbus was born.

Never Again

Titre : Never Again
Auteur : Emma Etuk
Éditeur : iUniverse
ISBN-13 : 9780595493364
Libération : 2008-05

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In this book, you will learn how Africa is greatly endowed and blessed, her contributions to world civilization, experiences with colonialism and neo-colonialism, her need to excel, produce or perish, the lessons from history and Never Again.

African American Consciousness

Titre : African American Consciousness
Auteur : James L. Conyers, Jr.
Éditeur : Transaction Publishers
ISBN-13 : 1412847990
Libération : 2011-01-31

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African American Consciousness focuses on ideas of culture, race, and class within the interdisciplinary matrix of Africana Studies. Even more important, it uses a methodology that emphasizes interpretation and the necessity of interdisciplinary research and writing in a global society. Worldview, culture, analytic thinking, and historiography can all be used as tools of analysis, and in the process of discovery, use pedagogy, and survey research of Africana history. Advancing the idea of Africana Studies, mixed methodology, and triangulation, the contributors provide alternative approaches toward examining this phenomena, with regard to place, space, and time. The essays in this volume include Reynaldo Anderson, “Black History”; Greg Carr, “Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism and the African World History Project”; Karanja Carroll, “A Genealogical Review of the Worldview Concept and Framework in Africana Studies”; Denise Martin, “Reflections on African Celestial Culture”; Serie McDougal “Teaching Black Males”; Demetrius Pearson, “Cowboys of Color”; Pamela Reed, “Heirs to Disparity”; and Andrew Smallwood, “Malcolm X’s Leadership and Legacy.” The researchers in this volume investigate, explore, and review patterns of functional, normative, and expressive behavior. The past and present of Africana culture is represented, showing how reflexivity can be an adjustable concept to organize, process, and interpret data. Moreover, humanism and social science demonstrate how researchers establish, extract, and identify the limitations and alternative approaches to research of the historic conditions of black Americans.

African American Servitude and Historical Imaginings

Titre : African American Servitude and Historical Imaginings
Auteur : M. Jordan
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781403978325
Libération : 2004-08-20

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In African-American Servitude and Historical Imaginings Margaret Jordan initiates a new way of looking at the African American presence in American literature. Twentieth-century retrospective fiction is the site for this compelling investigation about how African American servants and slaves have enormous utility as cultural artifacts, objects to be acted upon, agents in place, or agents provocateurs. Jordan argues that those who even those seemingly innocuous, infrequently visible, or silent servants are vehicles through which history, culture and social values and practices are cultivated and perpetuated, challenged and destabilized. Jordan demonstrates how African American servants and servitude are strategically deployed and engaged in ways which encourage a rethinking of the past. She examines the ideological underpinnings of retrospective fiction by writers who are clearly social theorists and philosophers. Jordan contends that they do not read or misread history, they imagine history as meditations on social realties and reconstruct the past as a way to confront the present.

The Skin Color Syndrome Among African Americans

Titre : The Skin Color Syndrome Among African Americans
Auteur : William A. James
Éditeur : iUniverse
ISBN-13 : 9780595291182
Libération : 2003-10-01

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William A. James, Sr., has created a cogent book of essays that deals with a perplexing problem found among African-Americans. James calls it "The Skin Color Syndrome. His book is divided into four sections, consisting of seven chapters. Within those chapters he depicts five principles that define blacks' "intra racial hatred," a hatred based upon "Pigmentation Discrimination," as the first principle of the Skin Color Syndrome. James then discusses "Passing," and "Where Blacks Are And Where They Need To Go." He talks about "Where Blacks are headed," and then he gives " A Conclusion Of The Matter," and "The Problems We (African-Americans) Must Fix." Lastly, James offers "Kwanzaa 365 Days Per Year," as a restorative solution to the ravages of Jim Crow Law in America.

The New Plantation

Titre : The New Plantation
Auteur : Billy Hawkins
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9781137357007
Libération : 2013-03-07

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The New Plantation examines the controversial relationship between predominantly White NCAA Division I Institutions (PWI's) and black athletes, utilizing an internal colonial model.

Filosofia Mestiza Interculturalidad Ecosofia y Liberacion Nuevo Pensamiento Afro Indoamericano Volume 1 Spanish Edition

Titre : Filosofia Mestiza Interculturalidad Ecosofia y Liberacion Nuevo Pensamiento Afro Indoamericano Volume 1 Spanish Edition
Auteur :
Éditeur : Ediciones FAIA
ISBN-13 : 9781491099230
Libération : 2013-07-24

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El día viernes 20 de enero de 2012, por la suma voluntad colectiva de pensadores afincados a una y otra orilla del Atlántico, es co-fundado el "Proyecto FAIA | Filosofía Afro-Indo-Americana | Escuela del Pensamiento Radical", cuyo objetivo esencial consiste en la apertura, reconocimiento y afirmación del diálogo entre África y Abya Yala, en pos de una praxis ético-política liberadora, fundada en tres aspectos o perspectivas situacionales: indignación, resistencia y no-cooperación -en tanto formas de lucha no-violenta-, y proyecto socio-existencial, concebidos como punto de partida para un nuevo pensamiento radical-revolucionario.La esencia dialógica de FAIA o Filosofía Mestiza co-implica su originaria apertura y plurivocidad a inter-lógicas (o racionalidades) diferentes -en el marco de un pensar complejo situado-, y adscripción al fin de la integración intercultural de nuestros pueblos.De buenas a primeras, la Filosofía de la Liberación (FL) en América Latina y en África, ha re-conocido como primario interlocutor válido, durante el siglo XX, al sistema ontológico imperial-neocolonial europeo, sujetado éste al apetito de una racionalidad instrumental fundante de un capitalismo auto-cadaverizante y fagocitador.FAIA es, en este sentido, un "comienzo otro" de la Filosofía de la Liberación, consistente en a) la de-construcción crítico-genealógica del sistema instrumentalista occidental, b) el diálogo inter-categorial entre las filosofías africana y latinoamericana y c) la re-significación y creación de nuevas categorías para un pensar latinoamericano, africano y aún, afro-indo-americano (implicado Oriente y, en sí, el eje sur-sur, sin excluir por ello el pensamiento europeo)FAIA denota el pertinente diálogo en los niveles: óntico-ontológico, lógico, teológico e histórico, en torno a un pensamiento radical para una praxis liberadora, respecto de la racionalidad totalizante y sus sistemas absoluto-excluyentes de dominación."Filosofía Mestiza" es el primer volumen de la serie "Nuevo Pensamiento Afroindígena", en el que se explicitan los principios estructurantes de FAIA, a través de sus mayores representantes intelectuales en cada continente.

Migration Mining and the African Diaspora

Titre : Migration Mining and the African Diaspora
Auteur : B. Josiah
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9780230338012
Libération : 2011-11-07

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From the late 1800s, African workers migrated to the mineral-rich hinterland areas of Guyana, mined gold, diamonds, and bauxite; diversified the country's economy; and contributed to national development. Utilizing real estate, financial, and death records, as well as oral accounts of the labor migrants along with colonial officials and mining companies' information stored in National Archives in Guyana, Great Britain, and the U.S. Library of Congress, the study situates miners into the historical structure of the country's economic development. It analyzes the workers attraction to mining from agriculture, their concepts of "order and progress," and how they shaped their lives in positive ways rather than becoming mere victims of colonialism. In this contentious plantation society plagued by adversarial relations between the economic elites and the laboring class, in addition to producing the strategically important bauxite for the aviation era of World Wars I & II, for almost a century the workers braved the ecologically hostile and sometimes deadly environments of the gold and diamond fields in the quest for El Dorado in Guyana.