Stelvision 365

Titre : Stelvision 365
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2953860371
Libération : 2017-03-23

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Pour une découverte facile du ciel étoilé: sous la forme pratique d'un dépliant cartonné de 4 pages, Stelvision 365 réunit une carte du ciel, et 3 pages de guide d'observation des merveilles du ciel. Cette 7ème édition reprend les éléments qui ont fait le succès des précédentes éditions depuis 2011 (plus de 60 000 exemplaires vendus), avec une mise à jour des positions des planètes et une modernisation de la maquette. En couverture, un disque rotatif donne l'aspect du ciel étoilé à toute date de l'année et toute heure de la nuit, pour la France métropolitaine, la Belgique, la Suisse, le Québec, et tout lieu de latitude comparable (40° à 55° de latitude Nord). A l'intérieur du dépliant, une page est consacrée aux planètes facilement repérables à l'oeil nu (Saturne, Jupiter, Mars, Vénus), avec des cartes dédiées permettant de les localiser pendant la période 2017-2020. Deux autres pages indiquent les principaux amas d'étoiles, nébuleuses et galaxies observables avec une simple paire de jumelles ou un petit télescope. Protégé par une pochette plastique, à emmener partout sous les étoiles !

Jumbo Pocket Sky Atlas

Titre : Jumbo Pocket Sky Atlas
Auteur : Roger Sinnott
Éditeur : Sky & Telescope
ISBN-13 : 1940038251
Libération : 2016-01-08

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Perfect for experienced stargazers and beginners alike, Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas will have you exploring the heavens in no time! Sky & Telescope's celestial atlases are the standard by which all other star atlases have been judged for a half century. Now we've raised the bar again with our Pocket Sky Atlas - Jumbo Edition. There has never been such a wonderfully detailed atlas so handy to take on trips and use at the telescope, thanks to its user-friendly size, convenient spiral-bound design, and easy-to-read labels. The charts show both constellation boundaries and stick figures to help you find your way. Features of this atlas: More than 30,000 stars individually sized according to their relative brightness 1,500 deep-sky objects color-coded by type, including 675 galaxies oriented as they appear in the sky This Jumbo Edition has 6 new close-up charts, for a total of 10, depicting high-interest star fields. Labels even more legible in dim light

Black Holes and Time Warps

Titre : Black Holes and Time Warps
Auteur : Kip S. Thorne
Éditeur : W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN-13 : 0393312763
Libération : 1994

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Examines such phenomena as black holes, wormholes, singularities, gravitational waves, and time machines, exploring the fundamental principles that control the universe.

Sky Atlas 2000 0

Titre : Sky Atlas 2000 0
Auteur : Wil Tirion
Éditeur : Sky Publishing Corporation
ISBN-13 : 0933346875
Libération : 1998

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The long-awaited second edition of Wil Tirion's superb Sky Atlas 2000.0 offers 43,000 additional stars, with all positions now derived from the Hipparcos database. The Atlas opens to reveal 28 charts, each one 500 mm wide and 380 mm deep (20 by 15 inches). This large format allows the stars, nebulas and galaxies to be displayed with unrivalled clarity. For this edition improved isophotal maps are used for the Milky Way, and extra charts for crowded areas of the sky have been added. Within the constellations, Flamsteed numbers identify the brighter stars by name, while NGC and Messier numbers are used for non-stellar objects. Colour coding and size graduation is used to visually convey the maximum information on star types and brightnesses -- Publisher.

Taoist Shaman

Titre : Taoist Shaman
Auteur : Mantak Chia
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781594778605
Libération : 2011-01-25

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The shamanic roots of Taoist practice • Explains the principles of the Taoist Medicine Wheel, including the Five Elements, the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and the trigrams of the I Ching • Includes exercises from the “Wheel of Love” to access the Tao of Ecstasy • Contains illustrated teaching stories about the Eight Immortals Thousands of years ago the immortals known as the Shining Ones shipwrecked on the Chinese coast. Passing their shamanic practices--such as ecstatic flight and how to find power animals and spirit guides--on to the indigenous people, they also taught them the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel. From the Taoist Medicine Wheel came the principles of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Eight Forces, the Chinese zodiac, and the I Ching. The Taoist Medicine Wheel can also be found at the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine and the esoteric sexual practices of Taoist Alchemy. In the Taoist Shaman, Master Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North explain the shamanic principles of the Taoist Medicine Wheel, how it is oriented on the Five Elements rather than the Four Directions, how it relates to the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac and the trigrams of the I Ching, and how it aligns with the Eight Forces of the Pakua. Through illustrated teaching stories, the authors show how the energetic principles of each of the Eight Forces are reflected in the Eight Immortals. Revealing the wheel’s application to sacred sexuality, they offer exercises from the “Wheel of Love” to strengthen and deepen relationships as well as providing a means to access the Tao of Ecstasy.

Basic Science for the MRCS

Titre : Basic Science for the MRCS
Auteur : Andrew T Raftery
Éditeur : Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN-13 : 9780702051258
Libération : 2012-04-25

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This book is a concise revision guide to the core basic sciences – anatomy, physiology and pathology – which comprise the essential knowledge required by the trainee entering the specialty of surgery. It has been written in a style to facilitate easy learning of the essential facts, with indications of both their clinical relevance and importance. This book concentrates on those topics which tend to be recurring examination themes for initial surgical training. It will be an invaluable resource for the basic surgical trainee studying for the Intercollegiate MRCS examination, as well as proving useful for those in higher surgical training and for the surgically inclined, well-motivated student. The book covers in one volume all the essentials of the basic sciences – anatomy, physiology and pathology - to aid the candidate for the MRCS examination. In covering the applied basic science the books explains the application and clinical relevance of the three sciences The text is written in an appropriate ‘bullet-point’ style to allow easy reading and rapid exam preparation The contents concentrate on the recurring common themes of the examination, thus helping direct appropriate learning and focussing on the specific impoartnta areas of knowledge The book is illustrated with line drawings which are clearly annotated to aid learning. In this Second Edition, chapters have been updated and sections expanded to cover topics which are particularly relevant to examinations. The microbiology chapter has been rewritten, and the section on skin healing has also been extensively rewritten to include a section on burns, skin grafting and the anatomy of flaps. Each chapter has new OSCE scenario questions added to bring together the basic science and its clinical application in OSCE examinations.

Genes Giants Monsters and Men

Titre : Genes Giants Monsters and Men
Auteur : Joseph P. Farrell
Éditeur : Feral House
ISBN-13 : 9781936239092
Libération : 2011-05-03

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Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as what has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the possibility that the evolutionary scientific explanation for mankind has ignored critical facts that are buried deep within the fossils and mankind's DNA. Consider the possibility that the religious stories that have often been the core basis for mankind's understanding of where it belongs in the history of creation may actually reveal a planet occupied with tyrannical giants and an elite highly intelligent race bent on genetic mutation. As horrifying as such possibilities are, Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men sets forth a plausible theory revealing a hidden history of mankind and a possible reason that it has remained veiled for hundreds of thousands of years. With his well-documented style and breathtaking conclusions, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell pulls back the veil and takes the reader on an odyssey behind the mysterious history and myths of the human race. Joseph P. Farrell is a recognized scholar whose credentials include a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oxford. His literary contribution is a veritable resumé unto itself covering such fields as Nazi Germany, sacred literature, physics, finances, the Giza pyramids, and music theory. A renowned researcher with an eye to assimilate a tremendous amount of background material, Farrell is able to condense the best scholastic research in publication and draw insightful new conclusions on complex and controversial subjects.

Representations and Contradictions

Titre : Representations and Contradictions
Auteur : Jack Goody
Éditeur : Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN-13 : 0631205268
Libération : 1997-10-30

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This is an investigation of how societies and cultures in different times and places have represented themselves in images and words.

Seriously funny

Titre : Seriously funny
Auteur : Howard Jacobson
Éditeur : Viking Adult
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015041006266
Libération : 1997-03-07

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The author argues in this book that the proscribing of certain types of humour may not be beneficial. Just as humour has its origins in the cursing of malign spirits, in the present age of political constraint we still need it for our health too.